Some of Julie’s Success Stories…

“I would like to extend to you my utmost appreciation and thanks for facilitating such a fantastic session with the commercial banking team. Feedback I have had since has been first class, virtually all team members have asked if we can hold an additional session as soon as possible.

Building a cohesive, efficient and high performing team is never easy however the concepts you shared with such great energy and passion will go a long way toward creating such an environment. Thank you Julie.” ~ John Sgambelluri, Head of Commercial Banking, Westpac


“Julie Warburton – a true go-getter and a top presenter! Julie has spoken at “Making of Me”, a LunchBox List professional development day for women with careers and in business. She is an energetic and generous speaker, sharing her best tips and advice and truly wants to help others build resilience in work and life. She is a keen motivator, great presenter and inspiring speaker.”~ Emma Lovel, General Manager, LunchBox List


“Julie was engaged by us to work with our Leadership team on helping people achieve sustained performance through improved energy management. Julie was the consummate professional and was a joy to work with. In organising our workshops I worked with Julie and she knew exactly what was required. I had every confidence, at every stage of the process that the sessions would deliver the results we were expecting. Julie was very reliable, quick and her interactive style was perfect for our team. Everyone learned and had a great time! I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie’s services in her area of expertise – stress and resiliency. We have already decided to use Julie’s services again with another team of staff to assist them to manage stress through a difficult period.”~ Louise Batchelor, Associate Director, Student Systems, Curtin University


“We asked Julie to be the key presenter at our Annual AIOP Professional Development Business Seminar and wow, what an inspiring presentation!! Julie engaged us in an entertaining, information filled session – teaching us about the affects of stress, the tools required to manage it, being resilient and bouncing back from life’s challenges. I would not hesitate to recommend Julie to any organisation to present for them and inspire a healthy balance and motivation.” ~ Olivia Glaser, Australian Institute of Office Professionals


“Julie, thank you so much for running our recent one day retreat. We received positive feedback from all our staff indicating that they really enjoyed and benefited from the sessions. You have a refreshingly honest, creative and entertaining program and many commented on how much they learned from you and how much it helped them to reflect and we re-evaluate their practices and approaches to their day-to-day life.”~ Toby Monteath, Practice Manager, Cooper Partners Accountants


Julie is a master facilitator who ran a very inclusive workshop on goal setting. Julie was able to bring out the best in everyone, and helped me gain the clarity and context I needed to move forward in my own goals. Even though I considered myself well-versed in goal setting, I got a huge amount out of Julie’s workshop. I’d recommend Julie Warburton to any individual or group who are really looking to improve the speed and quality of their own development.” ~ Dr Jason Fox, Management Consultant, Gameful Innovation


“My experience with Julie’s group coaching program has been invaluable and inspiring. Her relaxed and non-judgmental style along with her realistic strategies and insights, created an environment where participants felt comfortable but excited to make changes. I personally have regained my sense of purpose and positivity, through which I will aspire, achieve and thrive along Life’s journey.” ~ Liz


“I found lots of support and encouragement to pursue all my goals to completion. Julie as always is a great inspiration and provides lots of techniques that really work to create a change to your life!” ~ Alba


“I immediately worked on the subjects which Julie taught me and can see the results in every aspect of my life. I have read the motivational and self help books, but having it explained in a way which meant something to me has enabled me to set and reach my goals, and enjoy much more of life. Julie, “thankyou” for giving me the tools to succeed.”Peter McBride, Investment Consultant, Custodian Wealth Builders


“Thank you Julie, you really have assisted me in retraining my thinking and programming the ‘computer on my shoulders’! I am now the captain instructing the crew on the exact course I wish my life to take! I cannot thank you enough.” ~ Debra Barber, Explosive Online Marketing


“As one travels through life, certain people come into our lives to enrich and cultivate greater understanding of who we are. Julie Warburton has done this in many ways, supporting and encouraging me on my journey. I have benefitted greatly from her understanding of one’s limiting beliefs and have learned to manage my thoughts through her guidance and wisdom. Julie uses very potent tools to unleash greater confidence and dispel unsupportive personal actions that can cripple us in realising our dreams. Thank you.” ~ Julie


“I have been working Julie for about 6 Month’s now. I have found the entire experience extremely beneficial to me in the following ways :

  1. I have found that by planning out my time better, I have hours left in the day and have alleviated stress because of it, as I don’t feel as rushed!
  2. I have been able to break down the things I need to work on, and realise what my values are, the wheel of life has really shown me the different areas of my life so I can see where I am ‘out of balance’ and that gives me guidance each week!
  3. I have learnt a lot about myself, learnt that I can finally achieve the goals that I want – and have also been taught to go back and reflect on the things that I have accomplished, no matter how small, as they all keep me motivated and has helped hugely in the confidence part!
  4. By setting goals, I have accomplished so many things that I would have never actually even put into place.
  5. I have learnt that everyday is exciting! And that everything that happens is all a part of life and I now look forward to the challenging obstacles that stand in my way!

I look forward to each day that comes along! No matter the challenge!”


“On behalf of the WA Division Committee of Management and WA members, I would like to thank you for your inspiring presentation at the AIOP June Business Dinner held at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre on Tuesday 23 June 2009. All members and guests who attended were impressed by your passion, energy and enthusiasm. As was evidenced by the numerous questions you fielded at the conclusion of your presentation, your topic was one embraced by everyone present.” ~ Debra Barber MAIOP, Program Convenor – AIOP WA DIVISION


“Before doing my 5 week group coaching course with Julie I was unable to see what I was doing in my life that could be stopping me from living my life everyday to the max, My first goal when I started was to change my answer honestly when someone asked me “How has your day/week been?” in the first WEEK I felt like I had changed just one thing every day and was able to say “I have had a FANTASTIC week” This group has helped me to get up and trust in myself, helped me to reach my goals and meet a fantastic group of women and men who I know now share the same challenges as me.” ~ Tara


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