Would you like to stress less, take charge and bounce back in a whole new way?

Julie Warburton - Stress Less. Take Charge. Bounce Back

Stress Less. Take Charge. Bounce Back CD

With Julie’s audio CD “Stress Less. Take Charge. Bounce Back” you will gain skills and knowledge that will help you to take charge of your life. These powerful strategies will change the way you respond to stressful events and build the resiliency to bounce back and feel more relaxed and in control of your life.

$26.95 plus postage

Balance and Tranquility Meditation CD
A Guided Meditation to Relax and Re-energize.

This CD is a guided meditation created and narrated by Julie Warburton.

  • Discover how easy it is to reduce stress, feel more relaxed, in balance and peaceful.
  • Use this guided meditation to experience a more relaxed and balanced emotional state, to reduce the stress of daily life and experience a profound sense of deep relaxation and serenity.
  • Use this guided meditation to promote peaceful and restful sleep.
  • This relaxation music has been uniquely designed to promote a profound sense of wellness and also utilizes the power of binaural audio tones to further enhance and deepen your relaxation experience.
  • Each time you listen to this recording you will find it easier to become relaxed and feel balanced.

$25.00 plus postage



E-Book – 7 Steps to De Stress Your Life & create more passion, purpose & happiness

Does your life feel rushed, stressful and out of control at times?

Do you find that you feel overwhelmed on a daily basis because of the pressure and stress?

Wishing you had more balance in life.

If so, you must read this book “7 steps to De-stress your life & create more passion, purpose and happiness”.

Julie will walk you through the ins and outs of what stress is, how it impacts upon our daily lives and then shares 7 simple but highly effective steps to de-stress your life and get more bounce back…. taking you from chaos to calm.

$15.00 (delivered electronically)

 ** Special Offer **

Purchase both the Stress Less Take Charge Bounce Back CD and Balance and Tranquility Meditation Cd and save more than $10.00 !!.

$51.95 for both CDs plus postage


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