Would you love to create a fun and successful 2017?

Create your own inspiring vision board for the new year ahead.

A vision board is a simple yet powerful visualization tool that manifests your dreams into reality by activating the Law of Attraction… and it really works!

It is a collage of pictures, phrases, poems and quotes that visually represent what you would like to experience more of in your life.

The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with positive images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live and the things you are grateful for, your life changes to match those images and those desires. When we express gratitude we bring more into our lives to be thankful for.

Come along and join Lois and Julie as you have fun, dream, be inspired and create your personal vision board to begin your own transformation.

Date: Saturday 14th January
Time: 9.30am-12.00pm
Investment: $149



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