Master Mindset Membership

Creating Personal Excellence

Create Personal Excellence:

  • Surround yourself with dynamic like-minded people;
  • Learn mindset tools to build personal mastery;
  • Set and achieve your most important personal and business goals;
  • Keep accountable and committed to your goals;
  • Branstorm and connect with positive, passionate team members; and
  • Gain motivation and inspiration from a supportive group.

Your investment:

The Master Mindset Membership is only $120.00.00 per month and comes with our 100% money back guarantee!

Join today and ‘Create Personal Excellence’!


 Success stories from our clients

“Julie uses very potent tools to unleash greater confidence and dispel unsupportive personal actions that can cripple us in realising our dreams. Thank you Julie.” ~ Mark. K


“I found lots of support and encouragement to pursue all my goals to completion. Julie, as always, is a great inspiration and provides lots of techniques that really work to create a change to your life!” ~ Alba Gomez, Image Consultant


“Thank you Julie, you really have assisted me in retraining my thinking and programming the ‘computer on my shoulders’! I am now the captain instructing the crew on the exact course I wish my life to take! I cannot thank you enough!” ~ Debra Barber, Online Personal Assistants



All meetings will be held from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month.


The Boardroom, JPO & Associates – Unit 12/1 North Lake Road, Alfred Cove (cnr Canning Highway & North Lake Road)


For more information, contact Julie today!

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